AZtfy is dead! Long live AZtfexport

AZtfy is dead! Long live AZtfexport

What you need to do to migrate

Azure Terrafy (Aztfy) has been rebranded to Microsoft Azure Export for Terraform (Aztfexport). The original name was catchy, and I enjoyed saying it. The new name is a mouthful, so I will refer to it as Terraform Export for Azure or Tea, as I am British and like tea. The PR for this change of name can be found here.

Does this change the functionality of the tool?

No, the tool still works as designed. This is just a rebrand and will not affect your use of it. But upgrading anything above v0.11.0 will result in the following changes:

  • The aztfyResourceMapping.json resource mapping file is now aztfexportResourceMapping.json

  • The aztfySkippedResources.txt file for skipped resources is now aztfexportSkippedResources.txt

  • The config directory has changed from .aztfy to .aztfexport

  • And finally, the command used to call it is no longer aztfy but is aztfexport

So what happens when I upgrade

When you upgrade using the below providers, it should update the configurations:

  • Go

  • Winget

  • Homebrew

However, these things do not always go to plan, so I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling using any of the above package managers, following the documentation provided by Microsoft. Just make sure any existing projects to rename the configuration files to match.